CSE498, Collaborative Design, Fall 2020
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

Headquartered in Detroit, Urban Science is internationally renowned for providing data-driven, science-based solutions to problems in the automotive, health, and retail industries. With strong industry knowledge, Urban Science provides meaningful solutions for companies from GM to Ferrari.

One of the problems that Urban Science seeks to solve for its clients is how to convert sales leads (potential buyers of a product or service) into successful sales. With Urban Science’s lead-scoring solutions, clients are able to have leads displayed as low, medium, or highly likely buyers. Though this feature is extremely useful, there is currently not a straightforward solution for allowing dealers to easily input lead information and receive a score for a specific lead.

Our Purchase Score Application is a web platform that provides an easy and straightforward interface for dealers to input lead information, score each lead, and create informative reports based on lead information.

Our Purchase Score Application is designed to allow users to easily navigate our website and view pertinent information. Dealers can input their collected lead information automatically through a file upload, or manually with just the press of a button.

After lead information has been provided by the dealer, analytics reports can be easily generated to suit the dealer’s needs. These analytics reports present dealers with metrics and useful information to help in the sales process. High-quality leads and suggestions are shown in an engaging and easy-to-read format.

Each report helps increase dealer sales with information on top leads, lead trends, and other helpful metrics.

The Purchase Score Application front end, built on React and Node.js, makes calls to Urban Science’s APIs for scoring capabilities. The information produced using the Purchase Score Application is stored in a SQL Server database.