CSE498, Collaborative Design, Fall 2020
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

United Airlines is a major international air carrier, currently operating 2,200 flights per day from 250 airports. United Airlines operates 45 United Club lounges as well as Polaris lounges in Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Newark and San Francisco, with several more on the way.

Currently, qualifying customers from United and partner Star Alliance airlines can access amenities such as dining, daybeds and showers in the Polaris lounges. Because of the large number of amenities offered at these lounges, lounge staff spends a lot of time maintaining them.

Our Airport Lounge Management System is a web application that automates certain tasks, allowing lounge attendants to spend more time interacting with customers.

Waitlists for amenities are managed by our system, which sends a text message to customers when their spot is available. A dashboard also displays customer flight information and departure time, allowing staff to adjust the waitlist order accordingly. Real-time updates are provided on the status of individual amenities, including which are in use, being turned over, are vacant, and out of order.

Our system also provides actionable data to United and lounge staff - performance metrics that indicate how efficiently each lounge is being run and strategic data on the type of customers who use these lounges.

Waitlist management and amenity status tracking is automated, allowing lounge staff to spend more time with guests and improve customers’ enjoyment of these lounges.

Our Lounge Management System is built with ReactJS, ASP.NET Core and a Microsoft SQL Server database. The web app is accessed through a United-owned iOS device and is hosted on Windows server in AWS.