CSE498, Collaborative Design, Fall 2020
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

United Airlines is the world’s second-largest airline, currently operating approximately 2,200 flights a day out of 250 airports around the globe. To maintain its fleet of aircraft and ensure successful and safe flights, it is crucial to identify and resolve safety concerns and hazards.

With safety being a top priority for United Airlines, many reports and audits need to be filed each month. However, form submissions can only be done on a desktop computer. The user must jot down notes using pen and paper before heading inside the facility to file the report. Mobile GSAP and QC Audits is a mobile version of the desktop application designed to be used in the field.

Our Mobile GSAP and QC Audit Center v2.0 builds off the first version by providing more features. In addition to both types of reports supported by the previous application, our system supports three more. These include Management Observed Compliance and Hazard Assessment (MOCHA), Line Operation Safety Assessment (LOSA), and Aircraft and Ground Damage Reports (ERS). Each user has access to reports based on their department and position.

Our updated mobile application is more user-friendly, allowing a simple and intuitive submission process, including autofill name, drop-down lists, and the ability to include a real-time photo or video. Furthermore, users can create, save, and submit forms as they inspect an aircraft or audit an employee. Upon saving a form, users can access it later through a mobile device or desktop for review and editing.

Reports and audits can now be quickly completed in real time using our system. This reduces time spent filing reports and expedites the entire process.

Our front-end software is written using Swift for iOS and Kotlin for Android, while our back-end system is written in Python and Django for the API and a Microsoft SQL Server database.