CSE498, Collaborative Design, Fall 2020
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

Founded in 1937, Michigan State University Federal Credit Union provides a variety of financial services to students, faculty and staff at Michigan State University and Oakland University. With over 288,000 members, it is the largest university-based credit union in the world.

MSUFCU provides an outstanding customer experience. A critical part of the customer experience is self-service, where customers should be able to find information and answers to their questions at any time of the day or night.

Our Member Digital Help Center serves as a comprehensive “one-stop shop” for MSUFCU customers to get their questions answered, learn about personal finance, and find resources that MSUFCU offers.

Our Help Center includes FAQs, videos and general information pages. Users can find information by searching for what they would like to learn, filtering the results, and browsing by category. The Help Center also provides access to various forms of personalized assistance, such as a chatbot and live chat with an MSUFCU employee by messaging or video chat.

A key characteristic of our Help Center is the wiki-style structure. On each page, select terms are hyperlinked and redirect the user to a page containing a definition and information about that term. Every page also features a “recommended” section, which contains links to other relevant pages. For example, information about gap insurance is recommended in FAQs about auto loans.

Our search and recommended articles are constantly updated by user feedback through a thumbs up/thumbs down rating system. Based on user feedback, our system provides continually improving service to MSUFCU’s customers.

Our Help Center is designed using PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The back-end database is managed with phpMyAdmin.