CSE498, Collaborative Design, Fall 2020
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

Michigan State University is a public research university with around 50,000 students. MSU Information Technology Services is responsible for developing and maintaining technological resources for all students, faculty, and staff across MSU’s campus.

There are many sporting events on campus each year. Each sport has a varying frequency of home games on its schedule. As a result, students do not have an easy, unified way to find out about and keep track of all of these events.

Our Explore: Discover Sports on Campus application provides an easy way for students on campus to find sporting events and related information. Our solution provides three different options for students: a web application, as well as iOS and Android mobile applications. The feature set is the same for all platforms.

After logging in, users are presented with a feed displaying current sports news and a schedule of games for the upcoming season. Users can click on an upcoming game to view its date, time, location, ticket prices, available seating, and parking information.

The tab bar along the bottom of the page allows users to navigate between the feed, tickets, bookmarks, and profile. They can view their purchased tickets and seating information. A schedule of events that they have bookmarked or have purchased tickets to attend is also available.

Upon visiting the profile tab, users can quickly update their profile or view event history, payments, and a help page.

Our application makes it simple and intuitive to keep track of all sporting events on campus, discover new events to attend, and plan to attend future events.

Explore: Discover Sports on Campus is developed with Vue.js for web, Kotlin for Android, and Swift for iOS. It accesses information stored in a DynamoDB database using an AWS API Gateway via Lambda functions written in Node.js.