CSE498, Collaborative Design, Fall 2020
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

Malleable Minds is an early-stage startup company dedicated to allowing families to easily manage and share educational resources in order to connect them to global educational opportunities.

The company’s mission is to connect parents to the best possible educational programs in and around their local area and to receive continuous feedback from reputable sources.

With their many other duties, parents may not have the time or resources to research programs specific to their children’s needs.

Our Review Aggregator for Educational Programs provides a solution to this by aggregating certified educator reviews in addition to reviews from other parents to make a one-stop shop for K-12 educational program browsing.

Parents can “like” programs, which will then be saved to their favorites page. They can also opt to receive notifications about a specific program. Educators and parents alike can rate programs, and then the ratings are displayed to all users browsing programs. Parents can also follow educators to see their ratings on other programs.

Understanding the experiences of previously enrolled children and the ability to compare educator ratings serves a critical function for parents in their search to provide enriching, educational experiences for their children.

Our solution supports a growing community of educators and educational providers, allowing parents to make informed decisions based on relevant and current information.

Using a lightweight, contemporary technology stack, we built a responsive user interface so that users can access the application from any personal computer or mobile device. Our software is written in a combination of Python and React, and our system is deployed using Amazon Web Services.