CSE498, Collaborative Design, Fall 2020
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

With over 100 years of success and industry-leading innovation, Michigan-based Dow is a global leader in specialty chemicals, plastics, and advanced materials. From paper to plastic, Dow provides a state-of-the-art collection of cutting-edge, sustainable, and dependable products.

Recently, Dow began investing resources towards alternative means to drive efficiency and growth within the company. Among these means is artificial intelligence (AI). Artificial intelligence is among the fastest growing fields at Dow, and ensuring the right skillsets are assigned to the right projects has become difficult due to the distributed nature of AI expertise.

Our AI Project Matcher eliminates these difficulties by matching skilled employees with innovative AI projects, as well as matching AI projects with qualified employees. This is accomplished with our advanced recommendation algorithm.

Using our mobile application, an employee is able to search through projects that may interest them. Similarly, a project sponsor can search through available employees that are qualified to work on their project.

Once an employee and a project sponsor both select that they are interested in each other, they are matched. After matching, the talent and sponsor contact information is shared, expediting the project recruitment process.

Through the use of our simple yet powerful application, Dow employees can now quickly discover projects to join and project sponsors can rapidly acquire the talent needed to complete their project.

Our mobile application is built using Visual Studio Code. The front end is implemented in React Native and the back end utilizes Node.js. All user information is stored and accessed through a MySQL database.