CSE498, Collaborative Design, Fall 2020
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

Bedrock Detroit is the largest full service commercial real estate firm in Downtown Detroit. With a portfolio of more than 100 properties totaling over 18 million square feet, Bedrock Detroit specializes in the strategic redevelopment of urban cores.

The COVID-19 pandemic revealed that employees working for the Rock Family of Companies benefit from working in a hybrid model, using a combination of working from home and in the office, as it increases productivity and community morale.

We have developed a new space planning strategy that focuses on the rotating nature of team members’ in-office schedules.

Our Shared Parking Access application optimizes shared parking assignments by maximizing the number of team members assigned to walkable parking without exceeding the number of spaces allocated to each parking facility.

Bedrock administrators can use the web application to manage team members, parking facilities, and office buildings. They can upload employee schedules and run an algorithm that determines parking assignments. Then, employees are informed via SMS or email about their new parking assignment.

Employees can use the mobile application to view information regarding their parking assignment, including facility name, driving directions to the facility, and walking directions to their office.

The Shared Parking Access application allows quick and efficient scheduling of employee on-campus parking, leading to less wasted time and better optimized assignments.

The front end of the Shared Parking Access website is built using PHP, HMTL5, JavaScript and CSS while the mobile application is built using Java and Kotlin. The API and algorithm are both implemented using Python. SQLite is used to host the database and Microsoft Azure is used to host both the front end and back end of the application.