CSE498, Collaborative Design, Fall 2020
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

Atomic Object is a custom software design and development consultancy based out of the Midwest cities of Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids and Chicago. Since its founding in 2001, Atomic Object has been creating unique software solutions for a variety of companies spanning multiple different industries, including Ford, John Deere and Herman Miller.

A capacity tracking application called PlanIt is currently used by Atomic Object to organize and schedule different employees and teams to help allocate their time and resources efficiently. While the current PlanIt application has worked well for years, it is starting to show its age. Its user experience is lacking in a few key areas and was built with old technologies that do not support modern features.

Our PlanIt Capacity Tracking Tool is a ground up rebuild of Atomic Object’s current PlanIt tool, with improved user experience and the power of modern development frameworks. Our PlanIt tool offers new and intuitive ways for managing capacity while maintaining the core functionality of the original PlanIt application.

PlanIt’s central feature is its timeline view, which allows users to easily see which projects are active, funded, who is assigned to them, and their projected end dates. Users can easily add and remove projects and assign roles and dates all through our new modal boxes and navigation tools. Existing projects and assignments can also be manipulated through a new drag-and-drop feature, which allows for faster and easier planning.

PlanIt helps Atomic Object quickly and efficiently schedule their employees and projects, leading to higher customer satisfaction and less wasted time.

The Planit Capacity Tracking Tool is a single-page application and uses front-end frameworks ReactJS, Redux, and Bootstrap, and back-end services Node.js, Heroku, PostgreSQL, and GraphQL.